Services We Offer

Asian American Home Health Care Services, Inc. is a leading home health care agency. Since 2003, we have been hiring well-qualified Professionals and Personal Care Assistants to provide assistance and support for persons with disabilities, living independently in the community. People we serve include the elderly and individuals with special health care needs, individuals who are physically and mentally impaired.

nurse assist her patient in walking

Personal Care Assistant

Providing dedicated support for your individual health needs.

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caregiver clean the glass door


Transforming your living space into a comforting haven.

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caregiver gives her patient a glass of water

Night Supervision

Ensuring safety and assistance during the quiet nighttime hours.

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caregiver discuss the medication to his patient

Multilingual Staff and Professional Interpreting Services

Bridging language gaps for seamless communication and understanding.

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caregiver and his patient smile on the camera

Help with Getting Initial PCA Services Started

Guiding you through the first steps toward personalized care.

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caregiver and her patient enjoy playing puzzle

How We Do Our Services

Our commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions is ingrained in our unique approach to service delivery. Guided by a passion for client satisfaction, we blend cutting-edge technology with a human-centric focus, ensuring every interaction exceeds expectations.

Discover a transformative experience as we unfold a journey that not only meets your needs but exceeds them with a touch of unparalleled expertise.